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 Cooking By Moonlight

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PostSubject: Cooking By Moonlight   Cooking By Moonlight EmptyWed Aug 14, 2013 4:01 pm

Those of us attuned to the Moon and her cyclic monthly guises do more than simply moon-gaze in dreamy fascination. We are well aware of our own body's natural affinity to the Moon's waxing, and waning influence. We pay attention to the changing needs of our body. As any woman knows, our bodies are made up of approximately 50 percent water, which can be all too apparent as the Full Moon approaches.

Using lunar influences to enhance our cooking is a delicious way to
invite magick and healing into our daily life. By following along with the Moon phases, we can develop our inborn intuition and work everyday magick. Food is energy, after all. By taking advantage of the lunar properties of certain foods, herbs, and spices, we are capable of stirring up enchantment, healing,and intention everyday.

Tuning in to Body, Mind, and Pantry

Each night the starlit sky provides a constantly revolving show. The waxing and waning phases of the Moon become visual meditation on the cycle of growth, fruition, decline, and renewal. By opening ourselves to the Moon's cycles, we may follow her example, inviting her wisdom and magick into our hearts, minds, and bodies, as well as our kitchens.

The Waxing Moon

The slender crescent Moon is full of promise and increasing
potential. This lunar phase invites growth and renewal; it is time for strengthening,energizing, and creating new things and experiences. During this phase,select natural tonics that will help tone the body, and seasonal foods that will build up your strength.

In the kitchen, try new recipes, experiment with seasonings, gather
staples for the pantry, and hone your cooking skills. This is the time to choose food that will build up strength, invigorate the mind, and revitalize body and spirit. Hearty, rustic recipes featuring poultry, meat, and fish are the ideal centerpieces for any waxing Moon meal. Whether roasted, baked, or simmered in a slow-cooker, be sure to include the strengthening accents of onions and curative garlic in your cooking.

Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, corn and sweet potatoes are chock-full of immune boosting vitamins. Use them liberally, not only as side dishes, but also in soups, stews, oven-roasted dinners, and creative stir-fries.

If you have a sweet-tooth, puddings, ice creams, and yogurt smoothies are calcium rich. Baked fruit pies and cobblers, spiced with cinnamon for luck and prosperity help invite the bountiful into your life. Even if you are watching your calorie intake, don't deny yourself sweets altogether. Starving yourself only slows down your metabolism. Choose a modes treat once a day, and enjoy every morsel with a hot mug of ginger-cinnamon tea. It will keep you from feeling deprived, and the fiery elements in the tea will help aid in your digestion.

Herbs like basil, parsley, and thyme invigorate the system and awaken the taste buds. Ginger, turmeric, and curry act as tonics and stimulate digestion. If the waxing Moon falls during damp and chilly weather, use these warm spices to add the fire element to our cooking, and help us to cope with the chill. If it is hot and dry, use less garlic, onions, and fiery spices. Try cooking with cumin, cilantro, mint, or dill instead.

The Full Moon

The luminous Full Moon inspires lovers, poets, and the wild and crazy. During the Full Moon, celebrate! Create meals that are sensual, romantic, and inviting. This can be a sacred time that is full of energy, magick, and celebration. Foods at this Moon phase reflect motherhood and full potential, so they should be rich, abundant, and celebratory. This is the time to share your table by inviting friendship, warmth, and romance into your life.

A lemon roasted turkey; baked or broiled salmon; egg dishes such as quiches, potatoes frittata's, or omelets stuffed with cheeses and veggies; and bowls of steaming pasta topped with abundant sauces are perfect main dish choices to serve on a Full Moon.

For side dishes to accompany your Full Moon menu, try sensuous
tomatoes; or mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, or snowy cauliflower bathed in creamy sauces. Add a dish of wine, and sprinkle of chopped fresh basil or mint.

For desserts, think sensual. Serve generous platters of ripened juicy fruits with nuts, mild cheeses, dessert wine, and anything to go with chocolate. Finger foods, such as fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate fondue, are romantic and playful. Or slice up pound cake and smother it with fresh peach slices and whipped cream.

Herbs and spices for the Full Moon should be lively and uplifting.
Include mint, thyme, fresh basil, marjoram, and oregano; add chili peppers and garlic for their passion including qualities. Sweet spices -- cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla -- are subtly sensual and inviting. Accent your foods with zest of lemon for love, or a twist of orange for happiness and fidelity.

The Waning Moon and Dark Moon

The waning Moon invites us to turn inward, to finalize details, and
to clear away what we have outgrown or no longer need. It is time to foster wisdom in the quiet, a time to let go. This phase of the Moon teaches patience, and urges us to pay attention to our intuition. Choose foods that cleanse the system, and fortify protection for you mind, body, and spirit.

In the kitchen, clear out, finish up leftovers, and organize your

During the dark Moon, center yourself and eat simply. Invite dreams. Foods that can help clear the body and aid in cleansing accumulated energy include lemon, grapefruit, cabbage, barley, and bitter greens. Make a waning Moon soup featuring shredded cabbage, barley, carrots, and onions. Start your mornings with a mug of hot water and fresh squeezed lemon. This will help your liver eliminate toxins from your body.

During the waning Moon, choose lighter proteins, such as baked
seasoned tofu, or stir-fried chicken, for you main dish. Substitute turkey for meat in your favorite meatloaf recipe. Try going veggie for one night and create a Southwestern dinner that features hand wrapped burritos stuffed with beans, salsa, and rice. Broth-based soup with plenty of vitamin-rich vegetables, or angel hair pasta that has been tossed lightly in a mixture of virgin olive oil, lemon, and garlic make a simple, satisfying meal during the waning phase. Or, you could try roasting root vegetables in an olive oil and
balsamic vinegar mixture. Serve with roasted vegetables in with thick slices of crusty bread spread with soft goat cheese. Top cucumbers with dressings made of yogurt, dill and mint for a refreshing side dish. Or serve bowls of sliced seasonal fruits topped with a dollop of lemon yogurt.

Naturally sweet desserts, such as crisp Granny Smith apples or wedges of chilled watermelon, are perfect waning Moon food. Think astringent! Lemon sorbet or a classic key lime pie will be welcome treats at your table.

Cleansing and purifying herbs, such as cilantro and parsley, may be
added to soups, risotto's, and pastas. For a perfect waning phase salad, try fresh herbs and Mesclun [a mixture of lettuce, greens, and herbs] tossed in balsamic vinaigrette and sprinkled with fresh lemon thyme and cracked pepper. Rosemary adds a heady fragrance to breads, biscuits, pizza, and roasted vegetables. Nettle, cranberry, and raspberry leaf teas are very supportive during the waning Moon. White sage tea has antibiotic and protective properties. It may also provides wise and calming support during a woman's own menstrual cycle. Visualize those elements you need to remove from your life as you sip your herbal infusion.

Using Herbs and Spices for Your Moonlit Cookery

Using herbs and spices in your cooking does not have to be
complicated. Following your intuition, and consider the properties of the most commonly used herbs and spices when you make your choices. Their fragrance and taste will tell you much of what you need to know. What are the properties of cinnamon? Inviting, warm, soft, and spicy-sweet. It makes you feel like smiling. According to folklore, cinnamon attracts luck, prosperity,
and love. Sprinkle it into dishes intended to invite abundance, luck,
love, friendship, and pleasure.

Following is a short list of culinary herbs and spices to get you in
the mood for cooking by moonlight.


Basil is uplifting. Think of it as inducing feelings of love,
passion, mental clarity, and harmony into your life. Appropriate for all Moon phases, basil is associated the the element of Fire, and is a must for any moonlight pantry. Infuse tomato dishes with this lively, peppery, aromatic herb. Use basil in tomato sauces, pesto, pizza, egg dishes, and salads.


The distinctive flavor of caraway add flavorful dimension to quick
breads, potato salads, and many Moon vegetables, such as cauliflower, cabbage, and potatoes. Associated with Air, caraway imparts the qualities of fidelity and protection, and it is said that caraway enhances memory.


This sweet, delectable spice is a lovely addition to breads, cakes,
and biscuits baked for love, sensuality, and passion. Its delicate flavor quickly fades, though, so buy only fresh cardamom from a good spice store. It is especially useful for cooking during the waxing Moon and Full Moon phases.

Chili Pepper

Chilies add the fire element to pastas, pizza, cornbreads,
preventative, and passion-inducing qualities. Use chili peppers during all Moon phases.


The leaves of coriander are used to make cilantro, which are used as a flavoring garnish. Associated with the fire element, cilantro's
refreshing leaves are the perfect addition to spicy foods, salsas, and salads. Cilantro is useful for waxing and Full Moon cooking.


Associated with both air and fire, cinnamon complements both sweet and spicy dishes. It is believed to attract success and induce passion, enhance feelings of love into our lives, and attract abundance. Cinnamon makes a perfect compliment to recipes made during the waxing or Full Moon.


Cloves spice up teas, ciders, curries, pies, and quick breads. This
fragrant spice is associated with the fire element, and in addition to its usefulness in the kitchen, it can be used to clear away negative energies as well as being protection and peace of mind. Cloves is a perfect spice for use during the waning and Dark Moon phases.


These orange scented seeds add the fire element to dishes crafted for health, passion, protection, gain, and fertility. Coriander is useful to liven up vegetable dishes and curries, and it is wonderful added to pickles. Use liberally during any lunar phase.


Cumin brings the element of fire and earth to chili , soups, salsas,
chicken dishes, potato salads, egg dishes. Its scent is very sexy! Cumin is appropriate for using during the waxing and Full phases to increase passion and during the waning and Dark phases to invite protection.


The distinctive scent of dill is associated with both the air and fire
elements, and is most often used for love and protection. Add dill to potato salad, cream cheese omelets, or baked fish, to bring blessings, protection, and confidence to your table. It is appropriate for use in all Moon phases.


The lore and history surrounding garlic goes way back centuries. This bulbous herb is associated with the fire element. A necessary in every kitchen, it is believed to bring protection, passion, and magick into our lives. Use daily.


The natural breath freshener is associated with the air element. Use parsley as an accent in rice dishes, pastas, vegetables, omelets, and herb butters. It's especially lovely when paired with lemon and garlic. Add it to your dish at the very end of cooking to retain its bright green color. You can also use parsley for cleansing and purification, psychic development,
and divination.


Peppermint is such a freshening, beneficial herb that I love to grow
many varieties. Associated with both air and earth element, mint is cleansing, healing, and reviving. Use it fresh in salads, couscous, rice dishes, and pastas laced with lemon and garlic. Dried mint does not have nearly the flavor or freshly picked mint, but used in tea, it calms digestion and soothes nerves.


Culinary rubbed sage is linked to earth element, and it enhances
roasted poultry and meat. What would a traditional turkey stuffing be without it? Why you need to feel more grounded, add sage to roasted root vegetables, and enjoy its dusky, earthy fragrance. Use sage for cleansing, healing, longevity, and wisdom. Sage is also said to invite domestic harmony, making it the perfect herb for the holidays.


I love the courser texture and sweeter flavor of natural sea salt, and prefer to use it in cooking. Salt is commonly associated with the earth element, but some believe that, due to its oceanic source, it invokes the water element as well. Use it in all foods to enhance flavors and invite protection to your home. A handful of sea salt dissolved in your bath will help to energetically and physically purify your body.


Linked to both the elements of air and earth, thyme is sturdy grower in the garden. I enjoy planting it in several varieties, keeping small pots of different thymes in my kitchen window give me flavorful options right at my fingertips. Use thyme in vegetable, egg, and poultry dishes to invite divination, dreams, love, money, and happiness.

by Karri Ann Allrich


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Cooking By Moonlight
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