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 Magical Crystals and Gemstones By Patti Wigington

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Cunning folk
Cunning folk

Magical Crystals and Gemstones By Patti Wigington Empty
PostSubject: Magical Crystals and Gemstones By Patti Wigington   Magical Crystals and Gemstones By Patti Wigington EmptyThu May 31, 2012 1:32 pm

Many Wiccans and Pagans use crystals and gemstones in workings, because every stone is connected to some aspect of the human experience. Different traditions attribute various therapeutic and magical properties to each stones, but you can learn which correspondences work best for you. While this is by no means a comprehensive list of every stone in existence, you can use this as a reference point and add to it in your own notes. Write down any workings you do in your Book of Shadows so you can keep track of your results later on.


Common Name: Agate
Appearance: Brown or gold, sometimes found banded, or in greens or blues
Element(s): Earth
Healing powers: Connected to brow chakra and matters of the mind; used in workings related to energy, depression, mental health
Magical uses: Brings about truth and new perspectives, memories and healing, overcoming loneliness or sadness
Other Info: Various forms include Moss Agate and Lace Agate


Common Name: Amber
Appearance: Light yellow to orange, sometimes found in shades of green
Element(s): Fire
Planetary connection: Sun
Healing powers: Used to treat eyesight disorders, afflictions of the throat
Magical uses: Provides clarity and confidence, strength and protection
Other Info: Amber is not truly a stone, but a resin


Common Name: Amethyst
Appearance: Purple/violet form of quartz crystal
Element(s): Water
Astrological connection: Aquarius, Pisces
Healing powers: Connected to the crown chakra, used in treatment of depression and anxiety, stress relief
Magical uses: Use in rituals for sharpening the mind and enhancing intuitive powers; also can be an aid in cleansing and clearing sacred space


Common Name: Bloodstone
Also known as: Heliotrope
Appearance: Green, speckled with reds and golds
Element(s): Fire
Planetary connection: Mars
Healing powers: Connected to matters of the blood, such as hemorrhaging, menstrual cycles, circulatory system
Magical uses: General healing, but also used in workings related to money and abundance, fertility


Common Name: Carnelian
Appearance: Red/orange to brown, often streaked with white
Element(s): Grounding
Healing powers: Associated with treatment of impotency and infertility, also believed to stop nose bleeding or hemorrhaging
Magical uses: Use in magical shielding, or as a talisman against psychic attack


Common Name: Diamond
Appearance: Colorless or white, sometimes streaked with yellows
Element(s): Air, Fire
Planetary connection: Sun
Healing powers: Can be used for fertility issues, reproductive health, sexual dysfunction
Magical uses: Use for rituals involving meditation and intuition, scrying, astral travel


Common Name: Garnet
Appearance: Deep red to purple
Element(s): Fire
Deity connection: Persephone
Healing powers: Connected to the root chakra, garnets can be used in healing of reproductive disorders and regulating the menstrual cycle
Magical uses: Strongly tied to women's bodies, the garnet is associated with moon magic; also used in rituals to balance the spiritual with the physical body
Other info: In some traditions, a garnet obtained through deceit brings a curse upon the person who possesses it, until returned to the legal owner


Common Name: Hematite
Also known as: Paint ore, Iron rose
Appearance: Silvery-gray, shiny black to brown
Element(s): Fire
Planetary connection: Saturn
Healing powers: Connected to healing of inflammation and blood disorders, treatment of infection and fevers
Magical uses: Use for workings involving protection, particularly of home or property; also an excellent stone for willpower and confidence, problem solving, psychic awareness


Common Name: Jade
Also known as: Tremolite
Appearance: Pale green, sometimes white, pink or gray
Element(s): Earth
Healing powers: Connected to healing of the internal organs such as the kidneys or spleen; also used to balance the humors of the body and promote longevity
Magical uses: Symbolic of pure love, serenity, innocence and truthfulness


Common Name: Jasper
Also known as: Egyptian marble
Appearance: Usually a brownish-red color, often contains streaks of white
Element(s): Earth
Healing powers: Can be used in therapy for cancer and other debilitating diseases, blood disorders
Magical uses: A great stone for grounding and centering after a ritual, also used to bring luck and good fortune

Lapis Lazuli

Common Name: Lapis Lazuli
Also known as: Lazurite
Appearance: Shades of blue, from pale to deep; usually spotted or banded
Element(s): Water
Healing powers: Used to treat depression and lift the spirits, also connected to brow chakra and brain disorders
Magical uses: Workings involving altered consciousness, trance work, meditation, connection with the divine


Common Name: Moonstone
Also known as: Cylon Opal
Appearance: White to colorless, sometimes found in pale blues; looks a bit like Opal in some cases
Element(s): Water
Planetary connection: Moon
Deity connection: Any goddess with a triple aspect - Diana, Selene, Hecate
Healing powers: Anything related to female reproduction, childbirth, menstrual cycles
Magical uses: Can be used in workings related to wisdom and intuition, Goddess-focused rituals


Common Name: Obsidian
Appearance: Glassy and black, shiny to smoky along edges
Element(s): Fire
Healing powers: Draws toxins from the body, particularly the liver; can be used in energy work at the base of the feet to pull toxins downwards; also protects soft or gentle people from abuse and harm
Magical uses: Excellent for use in scrying and intuition, also for workings involving women's mysteries or the subconscious self


Common Name: Opal
Appearance: Found in many shades, ranging from opaque and pale to dark grays or blues, usually speckled with multiple colors
Element(s): All four
Healing powers: Because it contains many of the colors found in other stones, opal works as a substitute for other crystals; usually used in emotional and spiritual healing rather than physical
Magical uses: Protection, enhancing magical workings, opal absorbs the energy around it, whether positive or negative

Quartz, Rose

Common Name: Quartz, rose
Appearance: Pale pink, usually opaque
Element(s): Air
Healing powers: Connected to heart chakra, issues of love and relationships
Magical uses: Any workings related to love and friendship, both giving and receiving love; relief of emotional issues
Other info: Rose quartz will fade over time if left in the sun

Quartz, White

Common Name: Quartz, white
Appearance: Clear to opaque white
Element(s): All
Healing powers: Because it's clear, white quartz can disperse light in any color, which connects it to all seven chakras
Magical uses: Use in any healing ritual, connecting with the Divine, workings related to intuition or spiritual growth and development
Other info: Sometimes called the "Ice of Eternity"


Common Name: Sapphire
Appearance: Various shades of blue, from pale to dark, sometimes found in white or yellow
Element(s): Water
Planetary connection: Mercury
Astrological connection: Libra
Healing powers: Connected to throat chakra, disorders of the respiratory system and breathing problems
Magical uses: Use in rituals involving prophecy, contacting spirit guides

Tiger's Eye

Common Name: Tiger's Eye
Also known as: Bull's Eye
Appearance: Brownish-tan or gold with black banding
Element(s): Fire
Planetary connection:
Healing powers: Enhances overall energy, general physical health
Magical uses: Use for courage and protection rituals


Common Name: Turquoise
Appearance: Various shades of blue, often speckled or banded in black
Element(s): Water
Healing powers: Treatment of stomach disorders, eye ailments, broken bones; use for chakra alignment
Magical uses: Brings about wisdom, intuition, and healing


Common Name: Zircon
Appearance: Colorless to white, pale orange, pink or yellow
Element(s): Fire
Planetary connection: Sun
Healing powers: Sexual energy, overall healing
Magical uses: Use in rituals involving beauty, love, peace and relationships
Other info: Because it is similar in appearance to diamonds, some traditions use zircon as a substitute in workings

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Magical Crystals and Gemstones By Patti Wigington
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